Results of HSE Business Advisory Council Kick-off

Participants of the kick-off meeting noted that in the context of contemporary challenges when enhanced internationalization and practice-oriented education accelerated the process of globalization, the role of education in society has increased. Cooperation with organizations is vital for the further sustainable development of the knowledge and skills required by the labor market today.

Recommendations of the BAC members

Guided by the high education standards, recognizing the role and importance of Business Advisory Council of the Higher School of Economics in society, the participants consider necessary to:

  1. Develop a joint work plan, where all members of the Advisory Business Council should  engage themselves in the learning process (Deep dive):

1.1  set a date and time for deep dive in the individual order according to the  interests of the HSE majors;

1.2  appoint person in charge from the organization;

1.3  after deep dive  make proposal to change the content of HSE academic programs;

  1. Expand the field of activities:

2.1. creation of atlas of new professions;

2.2. personal input (ideas, experiences);

2.3. input of the organizations (internships, joint projects);

  1.  Develop joint scientific and educational activities. Contribute to the growth of progressive forms of cooperation;
  2. Strengthen the analytical and research work in HSE academic programs;
  3. Participation of organizations (members of the Business Advisory Council) in HSE academic life;

5.1.participate as a guest lecturer in Leadership Development Program;

5.2. carry out case competitions with partners;

  1. Implement measures to coordinate the activities of Business Advisory Council:

6.1.sending a questionnaire to identify the working groups;

6.2.organization and completion of “deep dive” of  the Higher School of Economics.