Training in the international qualification CIMA in English


Attention of students of the Higher School of Economics!

You have a unique opportunity to receive training in the international qualification CIMA in English!

This program opens doors to work in finance, business development and management accounting in the best global companies.

CIMA is an International Professional Association of Specialists in Management Accounting. The association was founded in 1919 in the UK and today is the largest and most recognised provider of education in this field uniting professionals all over the world.

CIMA offers an international qualification, known to most employers globally. It is based on the most essential and relevant knowledge and skills that employees of any company working with financial and non-financial information need to have.

Employees of which companies in Kazakhstan are already studying under CIMA programs?

The list of employers hiring CIMA students are Unilever, Shell, MARS, Tengizchevroil, BAT, Danone and many others.


For students

  • Getting an international qualification, based on the curriculum developed in collaboration with the best professionals of the industry
  • Increasing employment attractiveness, especially for international companies
  • Expanding professional network

What knowledge and competence do students receive?

The CIMA English-language programme English consists of 4 levels. Completing it is equivalent to obtaining an international MBA degree.

Upgrading qualification involves building skills and knowledge according to the following scheme: zero level – operational level – management level (middle management) – strategic level (higher management). This mirrors an employee’s career path within a company. Each level provides a basis for understanding the following level.

At each level, the subjects studied lie in one of three areas:

  • Enterprise – organisation management
  • Performance- performance management
  • Finance – finance management