The Bachelor Programme in Tourism Management is based on the international educational standards with focus on the local content. While designing the programme we took into account the State Compulsory Educational Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan; feedback from employers and other stakeholders; and HSE capacity. The programme is oriented on developing competences for taking managerial decisions at international and local companies operating in fields of Tourism and Hospitality.

Within the academic programme students will be offered at least two additional professional certifications:

  1. Abacus, Entry and Basic Levels (Abacus Central Asia, GDS)
  2. Certified Tour Guide Programme (Astana Tourism Association, Kazakhstan)


Graduates of the programme will be able to:

  • demonstrate writing and oral communications and computer skills;
  • demonstrate awareness of the global environment in which businesses operate as well as a national context;
  • demonstrate a sense of responsibility;
  • demonstrate leadership and efficient team work;
  • comprehend and apply research methodology;
  • evaluate key concepts of economics, finance, accounting, management, consumer behaviour and marketing;
  • understand and integrate core business values;
  • apply analytical skills to diagnose, evaluate, solve problems and find opportunities in Tourism Business and Hospitality and develop recommendations;
  • apply best practices in management to develop business, operational and strategic plans, organize and monitor projects, manage resources, build teams and professional relationships;
  • independently collect, update and process relevant information.

 Year 1

Required Courses:

  • GED1101/Philosophy (5/3) [1]
  • GED1102/Kazakh-1/Russian-1 (5/3)
  • GED1103/English (A2B1) (10/6)
  • GED1104/Information and Communication Technologies (5/3)
  • GED1105/Contemporary History of Kazakhstan (5/3)
  • GED1106/Kazakh-2/Russian-2 (5/3)
  • GED1107/Academic English (B1+) (10/6)
  • GED1108/Critical Thinking (5/3)
  • ECN1201/Principles of Economics (5/3)
  • ECN1202/Calculus/Mathematics for Business and Economics (5/3)


Total: 60 ECTS / 36 credits

 Year 2-4

 Required Courses (80 ECTS/48 credits)[2]:

Fall Semester Spring Semester

Business Core Courses:

LNG2201/Professional English (5/3) LNG2201/Professional English (5/3)
LNG2202/Professional Kazakh (Russian) (5/3) LNG2202/Professional Kazakh (Russian) (5/3)
BUS2201/Business Communications (5/3) BUS2201/Business Communications (5/3)
BUS2202/Business Ethics (5/3) BUS2202/Business Ethics (5/3)
MGT2201/Organizational Behaviour (5/3) MGT2201/Organizational Behaviour (5/3)
FIN2201/Principles of Finance (5/3) FIN2201/Principles of Finance (5/3)
ECN2204/Microeconomics – I (5/3) ECN2204/Microeconomics – I (5/3)
ECN2205/Macroeconomics – I (5/3) ECN2205/Macroeconomics – I (5/3)
ECN2208/Principles of Statistics (5/3) ECN2208/Principles of Statistics (5/3)
TUR2201/Basics of Tourism Studies (5/3) TUR2203/International Tourism Geography (5/3)
TUR2202/Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism History (5/3) TUR2204/Tourism Management (5/3)
TUR3205/Tourism Marketing (7/4)

Major Courses:

TUR2306/Active Tourism Techniques


TUR3307/Tour Guiding (3/2)

Electives (75 ECTS/45 credits) from the list below:

Fall Semester Spring Semester

Business Core Courses (45 ECTS/27 credits):


LNG3203/Business English (5/3) LNG3203/Business English (5/3)
BUS3204/International Business (5/3) BUS3204/International Business (5/3)
MGT3203/Principles of Leadership (5/3) BUS3203/Entrepreneurship (5/3)
MGT3204/Human Resource Management (5/3) MGT3211/Project Management (5/3)
MKT3202/Marketing Research (5/3) TUR3208/Event Management (5/3)
MKT3203/PR and Marketing Communications (5/3)
TUR3209/Hotel Management (5/3)
MKT3207/Services Marketing (5/3) MKT3209/Destination Marketing (5/3)
MKT4205/Consumer Behavior (5/3) MKT4206/Advertising Strategy and Promotion (5/3)
MGT4213/Strategic Management (5/3) MGT4213/Strategic Management (5/3)
MKT4204/Brand Management (5/3)
ECN4217, FIN4215, ACC4213, MGT4216, TUR4220/Selected Topics in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Tourism Management (5/3)

Major Courses (30 ECTS/18 credits):

TUR3310/IT in Tourism: GDS Abacus (5/3) TUR3311/Hotel Lodging Operations (5/3)
TUR3312/Tourism Economics (5/3) TUR3313/Tourism Industry Analysis (5/3)
TUR4314/E-tourism (5/3) TUR3315/Tourism Law (5/3)
TUR4316/Sustainable Tourism (5/3)
TUR4317/Research Methods in Hospitality and Tourism (5/3)
TUR4318/Food, Beverage, & Catering Operations (5/3)
ECN4317, FIN4315, ACC4313, MGT4316, TUR4319/Selected Topics in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Tourism Management (5/3)

[1]Course Code/Course Name (ECTS number/KZ Credits number)

[2]Listed courses can be selected in any semester if prerequisites are covered