Academic mobility 2019

Dear students! We are pleased to inform you about the start of academic mobility application period for Fall 2019 semester.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the university. Check their website, list of courses. Ask your advisor to help you decide whether any of these universities correspond your program at HSE KAZGUU.
  2. Inform your parents.
  3. Fill in the application forms and collect all other documents.
  4. Follow the instructions that you will receive on your KAZGUU email.
  5. For further enquiries, please, contact Zarina at or visit our office 206 on Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00.

1) Now we offer you some scholarship programs, which do not cover all your expenses but can be a good financial support for your studies abroad.

Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science grant – 900 000+ KZT (can be used to cover flight or accommodation and living expenses):

Science Po Toulouse, France – 2 students (International and Comparative studies diploma, all HSE majors can participate)

Eligibility: 3 year students (now 2 year students can apply for the next semester), GPA 3, IELTS (5,5 and higher). Duration of studies: 1-2 semesters.

Deadline: February 18

Mevlana Exchange Program (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters) – monthly stipend 1200 TL (4 months):

Akdeniz University, Turkey – number of students is defined by Turkish Government (Tourism, Economics, Translation studies, Psychology)

Eligibility: Bachelor students GPA 2.5; Master students GPA 3.0

Deadline: February 27

Erasmus+ scholarship – monthly stipend 700-800 EUR (5 months) + travel grant 500-800 EUR (depending on distance):

  1. West Attica University, Greece – 2 students (Tourism)
  2. Dubrovnik University, Croatia – 1 student (Economics and Business)
  3. University of Cordoba, Spain – 2 students (Translation studies, Economics)

Eligibility: 2-3 year students, GPA from 3, English level – B2/C1 (IELTS 6-6.5, or KEPT)

Deadline: March 1

Latvia Government Scholarship: monthly stipend 500 EUR


Turiba University – number of students is defined by Latvian Government (Tourism, others are possible)

Latvia University – number of students is defined by Latvian Government (Business, Management, and Economics, others are possible)

Others are possible as well (

Deadline: 20 March

2) Here is the list of partner universities for Fall 2019 semester on bilateral basis – all students can participate, but they have to cover their expenses (round-trip flight, accommodation for the whole semester, visa fee, insurance, meals and personal expenses):


European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) – Economics (2 students)


Science Po Toulouse – International and Comparative studies diploma, 1-2 semesters (2 students)

Czech Republic:

Mendel University, Brno – Economics, Tourism – 2 or more students

Ostrava University, Ostrava – Translation studies – 2 or more students


European Humanities University – Tourism – 1-2 students

Vytautas Magnus – Business, Economics, Others (check their website) – 2 or more students


Turiba University – Tourism, Economics and Business – 2 students

University of Latvia – Business, Management, and Economics – 2 students


Corvinus University, Budapest – Translation studies – 1 student

South Korea:

Anyang University, Seoul – Translation studies – 2 students

International School of Business SolBridge, Daejon – Business and Management – 2 students (possible to continue in frame of double degree program)

Dong-A University, Busan – Translation studies, Tourism – 2 students


Universidade de Porto, Porto – Translation studies – 2 students


University of Jaen, Jaen – Translation studies, Business and Management – 2-4 students


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University – Tourism, Psychology – 2+2 students


Katowice School of Economics – Economics – 1-3 students (tuition fee is 500-600 EUR)


Eligibility: depends on the University, but in general 2-3 year students, GPA -2,5, English level B2

Deadline: March 26

Documents for ALL programs should be filled in and submitted to TSON prior the deadline.

Here is the list of the documents:

– Заявление студента по форме

– Анкета гражданина РК

– 2 фотографии 3х4

– разрешение родителей на участие в программе по академической мобильности (на первое время можно скан, и потом донести оригинал)

– транскрипт на двух языках (заказать в ЦОНе)

– копия удостоверения личности

– два рекомендательных письма в вольной форме (от текущих преподавателей, либо от тех преподавателей, кто вас хорошо знает — школьные, с прошлого семестра, научные руководители и т.д.)

– заявление в ЦОН

Анкета гражданина РК

Заявление в ЦОН 2019

Заявление студента по форме 2019

Форма согласия родителей 2018