The Political Economy Research Centre

Founded in September 2020, we are the only dedicated Political Economy Research Centre (PERC) in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. PERC operates within the Higher School of Economics of the M. Narikbayev KazGUU University with the aim of promoting scientific research in the field of political economy, economics, sociology and public policy, and contributing to progressive socio-economic development of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian region.


We recognise that politics and economics are inextricably linked and constitute unified dimension. To properly understand socio-economic and political processes and reality it is critical to explore economic context in which political institutions and actors operate. Similarly, valid and sound economic analysis requires investigating how resources are allocated and distributed and what historical context, political institutions and traditions that impact these allocation and distribution are. In the Eurasian region marked by common history, economic and political uncertainty, ecological insecurity and potential conflicts, the need for multifaceted approach to understanding the links between political and economic processes has never been greater.

PERC aims to formulate progressive policy and support for progressive movements by promoting critical political economy and through developing heterodox alternatives to economic orthodoxy. PERC stance is based on critical understanding of the contemporary capitalism, addressing the nature of neoliberal governance dominating in the countries of the Eurasian region and offering alternatives from within political economy. Our intellectual content and direction are guided by critical understanding of mainstream economics but as a pluralistic forum we welcome interdisciplinary and multidimensional approach to exploring social reality.

We are keen to constructively engage with academic and research institutions and governmental agencies on various theoretical, empirical and practical issues. We seek to advance the understanding of political economy and economics across a broad range of academic disciplines. We especially support research on and intellectual exploration about Kazakhstan, Eurasian region and former Soviet republics at many levels and seek to promote scientific and academic cooperation among scholars and organisations interested in the region. PERC is dedicated to the highest standards in research and teaching with the goal to promote general knowledge of and public interest in Kazakhstan and the Eurasian region.


Head: Kaut Akizhanov, PhD, Associate Professor, Higher School of Economics, KazGUU


PERC Projects:


Research Seminar Series with Guest Speakers
A series of research papers on the topic New Political and Economic Course for Kazakhstan
Glocal Transformation in Central Asia
Topic: Cambridge Workshop on 30 years of economic reforms in Russia and Central Asia - recording
Классовый конфликт в Казахстане. Причины и последствия. Мнение экономистов.