Resume/CV guides

A well-written resume/CV is an essential part of successful employment. The purpose of a resume/CV is to draw attention to your strengths and encourage the potential employer to invite you for a job interview.

Keep in mind that the resume/CV must include relevant information adapted for a particular vacancy. Therefore, it is important to be selective with the information to be displayed.

Once a recruiter gets your resume/CV, they start screening them for about 10 seconds and it is important to leave a positive impression during this “short encounter”. If one wants their resume/CV to pass the “screening” process and to be invited to the job interview one should follow these rules:

-Keep the basic structure

•Brief personal information
• Work experience
• Education
• Additional information (courses, skills, publications, etc.)

-Specify achievements, not responsibilities you had at your work
Briefly describe (preferably in numerical indication) what contribution you have made to the company.

–Provide up-to-date information (in one sentence) about the company where you gained previous working experience.
For example: BI Group (a large construction holding company is the leader in the real estate market of Kazakhstan)

–Do not use words that don’t describe you as a professional or are plainly do not carry any value to your resume/CV (very, effective, motivated, good, productive, sociable).

-The resume/CV should not take more than 3 pages.

-Design in pdf or pdf+docx format

We recommend using resume/CV builders if one finds the CV/resume building process confusing or difficult.

Below are links to resume/CV building platforms that can help you to build a resume/CV that will make one stand out among other job applicants:

Furthermore, Internship, Career and Employment Centre held an e-meeting with Kristina Limarenko – Instructor of Business communications course; MA in Communications, Western Illinois University, USA “Bolashak “ scholarship Alumni.

The topic of the webinar (in Russian) below is the effective ways of building a CV and the common mistakes every person makes during that process.