Corporate Development and Career Center of Higher School of Economics at KAZGUU University promotes student professional development and effective cooperation with employers and other stakeholders in order to prepare professionals with critical thinking and high academic level.

Office Activity

  • Corporate Development and Career Center (CDCC) is a student resource center in all areas of professional development including finding an internship, pursuing employment, exploring professional interests, applying to graduate or professional schools, and other practical learning opportunities.
  • Corporate Development and Career Center assists students starting from freshmen year as they step on career exploration and continue to develop and refine their goals during their time at HSE, KAZGUU University.
  • Corporate Development and Career Center at Higher School of Economics was established December 1st, 2014 and has gone through major renovations, improvements and program development starting September 2015.

As a part of new development program, Corporate Development and Career Center established set of following goals:

  • Creation of graduates database, its annual monitoring and adjustment;
  • Facilitating trainings, non-graduate/graduate internship programs;
  • Employment of graduates;
  • Collaboration with HSE partners-employers;
  • Career Fair Day;
  • Coordination of Alumni Association Activities;
  • Organization of internship and employment processes;
  • Regularly inform students on labor market;
  • Collaboration with foreign universities;
  • Organization of workshops with potential employers;
  • Analysis of the needs of companies and government agencies in the region, the forecast of the situation on the labor market and education market;
  • Creation of employers’ database;
  • Once per academic semester conduct career week – A step to successful career program;
  • Development of Business Advisory Council.


Corporate Development and Career Center is on a process of adjusting new programs that will prepare students with all necessary tools and skills to successfully seek an internship.
Career Day is organized for students to familiarize them with the labor market, companies, their activities and real projects. For the first time this year Career Day was on for three days and gathered more than 35 employers from government and private sector. Organizations such as Ernst & Young, ORDA INVEST, KazMunaiGas, Hilton Garden Inn, Consulting company Advanced Leadership Kazakhstan and several well-known Kazakhstan banks gave master classes and showed presentations. This event gave students an opportunity to explore their options and raise huge interest within employers sector for cooperation.

As a part of new development and desire to improve, CDCC created database of all graduates who graduated in past 5 years.

In order to improve list of partner organizations, CDCC conducts meetings with HR managers and top managers of the organization to sign agreement/memorandum of cooperation.
In comparison with 2014, this year CDCC has progressed and sign number of organizations. ( for full list of organizations see reference).

Within a month CDCC had signed memorandums and contracts with 8 organizations on a matter of internship and mutual cooperation. Representatives of CDCC constantly attend different job fairs to stay in touch with latest trends in job market.
In October 2015 Corporate Development and Career Center has attended «Bolashak Alumni Reunion Conference and Education Fair 2015» (BARCEF 2015). As a result were established contacts with University of California, Manchester University, and Boston University.

To raise student Awareness of CDCC Internship Services- «A» Step to Successful Career program has been established and is now successfully running. This seminar is for graduates of the Higher School of Economics and is aimed to develop the skills of successful positioning and promotion in the job market. The program helps students prepare for the job hunting process and develops the necessary skills such as time management, interview preparation, CV/cover letter writing tips, presentations, etc. Participants of the program receive a certificate of attendance and an additional credit towards Internship grade.

In November 2015 program was five days long with different topics and key speaker every day. Topics covered: knock down resume writing tips, capturing cover letter, master class on creativeness, and successful interview tips. On each lecture key speaker is a representative from a top notch organization. This year speakers were from Ernst & Young, Radisson Blue Hotel, JSCSamrukKazyna. 128 students attended all five days of lecturesand expressed interests in continuing to attend similar events.

Student Employment

Every year before the start of the school year Corporate Development and Career Center analyzes the employment rate of graduates this year. For two years the CDCC makes requests and stores the data. Below is a visual illustration. (See chart2)
Chart 1.Graduates Employment rate year of 2013-2014.

2013-2014 (as of April 2015) Number of Students %
With pension contributions 811 70,8%
Without pension contributions 242 21,1%
Employed without pension contributions 63 5,5%
Continuing Education 26 2,3%
Military Services 3 0,3%
Total 1145
Percentage ratio of employed graduates year of 2013-2014
2016-02-10 17-0

According to the diagram , considering that there are such factors as – continuing education – 2.3% , employed without pension contributions – 5.5% , military service – 0.3 % , which also indicates and confirms the employment of graduates , the overall percentage of employed graduates was 78.9 % ( as of April 2015, after 9-10 months after graduation ) .
Chart 2.Graduates Employment rate year of 2014-2015.

2014-2015 (as of September 2015) Number of Students %
With pension contributions 674 71,5%
Without pension contributions 142 15,1%
Employed without pension contributions 39 4,1%
Continuing Education 61 6,5%
Military Services 16 1,7%
Abroad 10 1,1%
Total 942
Percentage ratio of employed graduates year of 2014-2015

According to the diagram , considering that there are such factors as – continuing education – 6.5% , employed without pension contributions – 4.1% , military service and leave for child care – 1.7% went abroad – 1 , 1 % , which also speaks and confirms the employment of graduates , the overall percentage of employed graduates was 84.9 % ( as of September 2015, 2-3 months after graduation ) .
Business Advisory Council
Business Advisor Council, a formal body within our organizational structure that would be responsible for HSE’s strategy and further development. This body shall be known as HSE Business advisory Council, herein referred to as the HSE ‘BAC’.

To provide world-class educational experience for students and make sure that our graduates are fully equipped with sets of skills that modern companies are looking for today.
To provide our students with a connection between the professional and social aspects of the business world while building genuine relationships within the organization.

Key objectives:

Enhance collaboration between HSE and the business community.
Develop HSE strategy. Monitor its execution and continuous improvement.
Improve the academic programs/curriculums based on the suggestions, inputs, and recommendations from the Council members.
Bring in international experience (best practices, professors, university-to-university cooperation and alliances).

Responsibilities and function of Business Advisory Council members:
Providing another avenue of direct liaison between Higher School of Economics at KAZGUU University and the business community to promote understanding, collaboration, and mutual benefit through such activities as consulting engagements, faculty interest in practical business problems, guest lecturers from industry, and close contact with students on the part of business executives in both formal and informal settings.

Offering an external perspective on issues that affect business, and to identify areas of research and study where the expertise of faculty can be combined with the resources of the community to address the challenges of an ever changing business world.
Developing industry/market-oriented curriculum.

Developing case studies based on real industry experience.
Forming strategic partnerships with different companies to reserve certain quota of paid/unpaid internships for HSE students, their participation in consulting projects, and potential preferential treatment of HSE graduates.
Offering HSE academic staff services to business community (research, translation, consulting contracts, etc.)

Encouraging companies to donate funds to HSE, as a part of their CSR activities.
Building and strengthening the School’s relationships, visibility and profile within the business community. Be ambassadors for the Higher School of Economics.

Higher School of Economics Corporate Development and Career Center will educate and provide career resources to HSE students and alumni to encourage partnerships and provide opportunities to connect them with employers.


Director of the Corporate Development and Career Center at the Higher School of Economics Kristina


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