The Centre for Cooperation and Recruitment was established in September 2016 as part of the initiative for study and research internationalisation. We work to advance the following three goals of the Higher School of Economics: international collaboration, recruitment of talented students, and promotion of the school’s image.

The Centre stimulates school graduates and university students to develop their potential both when they are making a decision to study at HSE and during their studies, by providing various grants and scholarships to enable them to take part in international academic mobility and dual-degree programmes. It also encourages students to participate in the school’s different publicity projects. The Centre files applications to academic mobility programmes sponsored by foreign governments, including Erasmus+, Fullbright, and ITEC, which develop students’ mobility and teachers’ qualifications.

The Centre’s objectives:

  • facilitate active mobility of the students and teachers of HSE, including international mobility;
  • attract international professors and students;
  • promote the image of KAZGUU University HSE;
  • coordinate HSE’s PR projects and collaboration with the national and international media;
  • improve the quality of students admitted to HSE.

The Centre’s functions:

      • sign agreements on collaboration, exchange, and dual-degree programmes (MoU, Erasmus+, dual-degree programmes);
      • support HSE’s PR projects in order to raise awareness and positioning of the school;
      • consult, select, and process participants of inward and outward academic mobility programmes.