HSE students have an opportunity to receive a degree from a partner university in addition to their Kazakhstan degree, all within their 4-year undergraduate studies period.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Earning a certain number of credits at KAZGUU University;
  • GPA 3.0 or above;
  • English at B2 level or above.

Programme terms and conditions:

  • studies at KAZGUU University and a partner university in accordance with a curriculum designed in collaboration between the two universities, and a model determined by the contract (3+1; 2+2; 1+3);
  • students take entrance examinations in accordance with KAZGUU University’s admissions rules;
  • mode of study – full-time at KAZGUU and partner university;
  • graduates of the programme will be awarded two degrees: a higher education degree from KAZGUU University and a state degree from an international partner university.

Partner universities:

France: La Rochelle Business School – Business Administration, Tourism management (2+2, 3+1)

Latvia: Turiba University – Business Administration (Master program) (1+1)

Korea: SolBridge International Business School – Business administration (2+2)

USA: North Arizona University – Hotel and Restaurant Management (3 year online with KAZGUU price + 4 year at the USA with paid internship)

Germany: Hof University of Applied Sciences – Management, HR Management, Finance, Accounting, IT in Business (free tuition) (2+2, 3+1)

For further details, please, contact Zarina Utegenova at zarina@kazguu.kz or your academic adviser.