25 — копия

Each year, in September and October (for spring semester applications), and in March and April (for fall semester applications), the HSE Centre for Collaboration and Recruiting, in cooperation with the International Department of the University, send students to our partner universities for 1-2 semesters, as part of bilateral agreements and memorandums.

Eligibility criteria:

  • 2nd– or 3rd-year students;
  • GPA 0 or above;
  • English level B1-B2 or above.

Programme terms and conditions:

  • free tuition for 1 semester at a partner university and at KAZGUU University;
  • all other expenses, including food, accommodation, flight, and visa, are paid by the students themselves.

Universities that host KAZGUU students under the academic mobility programmes:

Belgium: University of Liege

Finland: Hame University of Applied Sciences

Czech Republic:


Bulgaria: University of Ruse

Lithuania: Vitautas Magnus University

Portugal: Polytechnic Institute of Leira

Poland: University of Opole

Turkey: Istanbul Arel University

Korea: Solbridge Business School