The International School of Economics was established in 2005 by the decision of the KAZGUU University Board of Directors. The ISE is structured as follows:

Business Council is a formal body within the ISE organizational structure responsible for the ISE’s strategy and further development. The members of the Business Council are senior managers of public and quasi-public sectors, as well as private companies. Through the annual meetings, ISE Business Council translates the industry agenda to the ISE decision-makers helping to shape the content of education in line with the industry expectations.

ISE Committees are the faculty self-governance bodies. They have their established compositions consisting of the faculty members (voting members) and all ISE administrators (non-voting members).

The academic quality of the ISE undergraduate and graduate programs is managed by the Academic Quality Committee (AQC). It considers and approves academic programs, curricula, course syllabi, exam assignments and thesis topics. In addition to elected faculty members, it includes all program coordinators and ISE student representatives. In Fall 2014, the newly established ISE Performance Appraisal and Promotion Committee has introduced a new merit-based faculty performance evaluation system and its first results were reviewed at the end of Spring 2015. The Committee has regular meetings for conducting the faculty evaluation (twice a year) and hiring process (when applicable). Additionally, it is regularly involved in the discussion of policies and issues related to the academic staff appraisal and promotion. ISE Ethics Committee considers disciplinary and ethical issues, particularly complaints from the ISE students and faculty, violation of the Code of Conduct by students, staff and faculty, research-related ethical issues, etc. The Committee consists of five voting faculty members and non-voting administrators.

Dean, Vice Deans, Students Advisers, ISE Internship, Career and Employment Centre officers and Tutor Manager for Graduate Studies represent the ISE administration.

From 2022 enrollment ISE offers seven undergraduate (Bachelor) programs, three Master’s programs and one PhD program (more information in the section Admission).