Yerdaulet Absattar,
IT Program Coordinator

Master of Engineering Management, Nazarbayev University

Courses: Web Development I, Web Development II, Graphic Design

Email: Y_absattar@kazguu.kz

Azat Aituar,
Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Reading

Courses: Microeconomics, International Economics

Email: A.Aituar@kazguu.kz

Zhanar Aldambergenova,
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Finance Coordinator CFA, ICAEW Coordinator

MSc in Accounting and Finance, Manchester Business School

Courses: Ethics and professional standards, Financial statement analysis

Email: Z_Aldambergenova@kazguu.kz

Zhan-Tore Ayazbekov,
Teaching Professor

Master of Science in Finance and Investments, Queen Mary University of London

Courses: Organizational Behaviour, Introduction to Management Consulting Studies

Email: Z_Ayazbekov@kazguu.kz

Erasyl Ayubekov,
Senior Lecturer

Bachelor of Science, Nazarbayev University, Master of Science

Courses: ICT

Email: Ye_ayubekov@kazguu.kz

Valikhan Baikanov,
Senior Lecturer

Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Sheffield University

Courses: Transport Techniques & Management, Operation Management

Email: v_baykanov@kazguu.kz

Rustam Bekishev,
Senior Lecturer

Master of Science in Statistical Analysis, KAUST

Courses: Econometrics

Email: R_Bekishev@kazguu.kz

Assel Bitabarova,
Teaching Professor

Ph.D. Candidate in International Relations, Hokkaido University, Japan. M.A. in History and Area Studies, Hokkaido University

Courses: Introduction to International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis, Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan

Email: a_bitabarova@kazguu.kz

Yerdaulet Daurenbayev,

Master of Science in Finance, Kings College London

Courses: Corporate Finance

Email: e_daurenbauev@kazguu.kz

Yermek Duyssenkhanov,
Senior Lecturer

MBA, KIMEP, Master of International Business & Economics, University of Pavia

Courses: Entrepreneurship

Email: E_duissenkhanov@kazguu.kz

Martin Geiger,
Visiting Professor

PhD, Associate Professor, Carleton University, Canada

Teaching Areas: International Migration, Innovation, Global Governance

Email: m_geiger@kazguu.kz

Azamat Gimranov,
Senior Lecturer

MBA, Master of Marketing, Master of Law, KIMEP

Courses: Digital Marketing, Advertising and Promotion, Integrated Marketing Communications

Email: A_Gimranov@kazguu.kz

Akhmet Ishmukhamedov,
Senior Lecturer

MBA, National University of Singapore, Master of Law, KIMEP

Courses: Business Ethics, International Business, Global Entrepreneurship

Email: A_ishmuhamedov@kazguu.kz

Kanat Issabek,

Bachelor of Arts in Economics,minor in Philosphy, Nazarbayev University

Courses: Philosophy, Statistics

Email: issabek_kanat@kazguu.kz

Emin Jabbarov,
Senior Lecturer

Master of Science in International Security, University of Bristol

Courses: International Security, International Relations of Middle East

Email: e_dzhabarov@kazguu.kz

Daliya Kaskirbayeva,
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Leeds

Courses: Principles of Finances, Advanced topics in Economics

Email: d_kaskirbayeva@kazguu.kz

Timur Kogabayev,
Teaching professor

Ph.D. candidate in Business and management, University of Tartu


Email: kogabayev@kazguu.kz

Yelzhas Kadyr,
Senior Lecturer

Master of Science in Statistics and Data Science, Master of Science in Economics, Leuven university

Courses: Data Science

Email: e_kadyr@kazguu.kz

Dina Kassabek,
Senior Lecturer

Master of Science in Mathematics, Suleyman Demirel University

Courses: Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2

Email: d_kassabek@kazguu.kz

Kuralay Kazikhan,

Master of Arts in Translation Studies, Maqsut Narikbayev KAZGUU University

Courses: Academic writing

Email: kazikhan_k@kazguu.kz

Saule Kemelbayeva,
Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Economics, Newcastle University

Courses: Macroeconomics, Statistics

Email: s_kemelbayeva@kazguu.kz

Lyazzat Khairullina,
Teaching Professor, Marketing Concentration Coordinator

Master of Science in Marketing, Queen Mary University of London

Courses: Marketing, Brand Management

Email: L_hairullina@kazguu.kz

Rustem Kozhakhmetov,
Senior Lecturer

CFA, Master of Science in Economics and Finance, University of Strathclyde

Courses: Valuation, Fixed Income Securities

Email: R_Kozhakhmetov@kazguu.kz

Aliya Kulmukhanova,
Teaching Professor, ACCA

Master of Science in Accounting and Finance, Warwick Business School

Courses: Financial Accounting 1,2

Email: A_Kulmukhanova@kazguu.kz

Bakhytzhan Kurmanov,
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Public Policy, Nazarbayev University

Courses: Global Political Economy, Globalization and International Organizations

Email: b_kurmanov@kazguu.kz

Kristina Limarenko,
Teaching Professor

MA in Communications, Western Illinois University

Courses: Business Communication

Email: K_matsalak@kazguu.kz

Dmitriy Melnikov,
Teaching Professor

MA in Eurasian Studies, Nazarbayev University, MA in Philosophy, L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Ph.D. Candidate, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Courses: Philosophy, Critical Thinking

Email: D_melnikov@kazguu.kz

Elmira Mynbayeva,
Assisstant Professor

Ph.D. in Finance, University of Aberdeen

Courses: Introduction to Economics, Financial Econometrics 1, Financial Risk Management, Econometrics

Email: e_mynbayeva@kazguu.kz

Ikboljon Qoraboyev,
Associate Professor, International Relations Program Coordinator

Ph.D. in International Law, University of Toulouse

Courses: Theories of International Relations, Special Course: Applied Diplomacy

Email: I_Qoraboyev@kazguu.kz

Baurzhan Rakhmetov,
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations, Cardiff University

Courses: Introduction to Political Science

Email: b_rakhmetov@kazguu.kz

Kuralay Rysbekova,
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Координатор ACCA, CIMA

BSc. in Business Administration and Accounting. Minor: Finance, KIMEP, ACCA holder

Courses: Principles of Accounting, Financial and Tax Reporting

Email: K_Rysbekova@kazguu.kz

Kamshat Saginbekova,
Teaching Professor

Ph.D. in Political Science, Liege University,
Ph.D, in Economics, Eurasian National Univerisity

Courses: Eurasian Economic Integration

Email: k_saginbekova@kazguu.kz

Aizhan Sagymbay,
Senior Lecturer

BA in Translation Studies, Maqsut Narikbayev KAZGUU University

Courses: Academic writing

Email: А_sagynbay@kazguu.kz

Aibek Sagynaev,
Teaching Professor, Supply Chain Management Industrial Management Concentration Coordinator

MSc in Supply Chain Management, University of Warwick

Courses: Operations Management, Supply Chain Management

Email: A_sagynauev@kazguu.kz

Lyubov Sartakova,
Senior Lecturer

Master of Arts in Political Science, Central European University,
Master of Arts in Sociology, Gumilev Eurasian National University

Courses: Critical Thinking

Email: l_sartakova@kazguu.kz

Yaroslava Savina,
Senior Lecturer, SPHRi

Bachelor in HRM, KIMEP

Courses: HR Management

Email: Ya_savina@kazguu.kz

Gaziz Seilkhanov,
Teaching Professor

Master of Arts in Economics, Boston University

Courses: Financial Econometrics 2, Applied Economics

Email: g_seilkhanov@kazguu.kz

Daulet Taimagambet,
Teaching Professor, Economics Coordinator

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, Australian National University

Courses: Introduction to Economics, Microeconomics I, II, Macroeconomics I, II

Email: D_taimagambet@kazguu.kz

Assylbek Tanashikov,
Adjunct Assistant Professor

CFA, FRM, MBA, National University of Singapore

Courses: Securities and Derivatives, Investment Management, Valuation

Email: a_tanashikov@kazguu.kz

Bakhytgul Turlubayeva,
Senior Lecturer

MBA, Nazarbayev University

Courses: Principles of Management, Introduction to Economics

Email: b_turlubayeva@kazguu.kz

Nurken Urmantayev,
Teaching Professor

Master of Public Policy, Harvard University

Courses: International Negotiations and Diplomacy

Email: n_urmantayev@kazguu.kz

Artur Utebayev,
Teaching Professor

Ph.D. in International Relations and Political Science, Istanbul University

Courses: Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations

Email: A_utebayev@kazguu.kz

Yakov Voronkov,

Bachelor of Politics and International Relations, Nazarbayev University

Courses: Business Ethics

Email: yakov.voronkov@kazguu.kz

Arman Yelesh,
Senior Lecturer

Master of Science in Finance, M.Narikbayev KAZGUU University

Courses: Strategic Management

Email: arman_yelesh@kazguu.kz

Stanislav Yugay, Teaching Professor

PhD in Management, PhD Candidate in Agricultural Sciences (Agricultural Economics), Martin Luther University Halle –Wittenberg

Courses: Introduction to Economics, Principles of Management