1) Higher School of Economics team victory at the Commencement to students in 2014


November, 2014 HSE team won the main KAZGUU Commencement Cup and Cup “The Best Performance”. Themis of KAZGUU became Akbota Kunirbaeva, 4th year student of “Accounting and Audit”.


2) Higher School of Economics team victory at the Commencement to students in 2015

November 13, 2015 HSE team won the main KAZGUU Commencement. Themis of KAZGUU became Amina Khamit, 3d year student of “Translation Studies”.
3) KAZGUU University team for the first time won the Republican contest Enactus Kazakhstan Expo 2015
October 14-16, 2015 KAZGUU University team competed in Enactus World Cup 2015 with students from 36 countries in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Yerzhan Alimbekov, Anuar Lenzat, Arman Elesh, Erzhas Erhanov, Nurkhan Zhaksylykov, Nurdin Israilov, Erbol Karimov, Regina Rakhmetova and adviser Erlan Karimov defended the honor of the country in the prestigious competition.

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4) International Research Conference Innovations in Education: Role of Case Studies. Best Practices

May 19, 2015 was successfully held International Research Conference Innovations in Education: Role of Case Studies. Best Practices.
The aim of the conference was to create an international interdisciplinary forum for dialogue between researchers and practitioners in the field of innovation in education and business. Leading international and Kazakh researchers, practitioners, experts in the field of Economics and Business discussed current trends in the development of case studies and their use in teaching and solving practical problems.


5) IV World Economic Youth Forum

May 20, 2015 was held the IV World Economic Youth Forum with the participation of the winners of international research competitions in the field of Economy and Innovation. Topic of the Forum was “Today a student – Tomorrow an EXPOnent.”

Forum participants were young scientists, students, entrepreneurs, economists, innovators, diplomats, politicians, financiers. There were 50 participants from the Russian Federation and 20 from the Eurasian countries among them: France, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia.
The key event of the IV World Economic Youth Forum was the forecast session, during which the young scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators have made a road map of development of business and energy infrastructure in Eurasia.

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6) Nobel Laureates Meeting

For the first time in the history of KAZGUU University the Nobel Prize Laureates visited us. May 21, 2015 Higher School of Economics and the Institute of Economic Research in the framework of the VIII Astana Economic Forum and the Economists Club organized a meeting with Nobel Laureates Finn Kydland and Eric Maskin. The topic of Dr. Kydland lecture was ” Innovation and Capital Formationin Today’s Policy Environment ” Dr. Maskin – ” How to Make the Right Decisions without Knowing People’s Preferences: An Introduction to Mechanism Design.”

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7) Leadership Development Program


Leadership Development Program is aimed at revealing the inner potential of students, developing students’ skills needed for their successful interaction/integration in the society; increasing students’ motivation, and improving skills of effective planning and management in team working. Top managers, Chairs of government agencies, national and international companies are involved in the Leadership Development Program to share with their best experiences and important qualities in further advance a career.


8) A-Step to Graduate Program


A-Step to Graduate Program is a unique program of the Higher School of Economics for graduate students. This program helps to develop skills of successful positioning and promotion in the labor market. The program prepares students for the job search process and helps to develop necessary skills such as time management, interview skills, presentation skills, etc. Participants of the program receive a certificate of attendance on lectures and an additional mark in a diploma.

9) Higher School of Economics Happy 10th Anniversary


December 10, 2015 in KAZGUU University was held Celebratory Awards “HSE 10th Anniversary”.

The event was opened by the speech of KAZGUU Rector Talgat Narikbayev, after which he gave a start to the announcement of the nominees of the Awards “HSE 10th Anniversary”. Here are 10 winners:

Contribution to Development – Institute of Economic Research
Best Employer – “Ernst & Young”
Best Group – FS(r)-302
The best Academic Performance – Askhat Ermek, Alina Kvasha, Tural Tahirli and Aizhan Sagymbay
Best Employee – Saltanat Rysbanbetova
Achievements in Extra-Curricular Activities – Zhandos Serikov
Best Teacher – Erlan Karimov, Zharkyn Zhumadilova, Anar Baizhanova and Nazgul Bolatbekova
Breakthrough – The historic victory of HSE team at the Commencement to students in 2014
Dedicated Alumnus – Akylbek Ussenov
HSE Star – Zhalgas Azganbaev

Guests of the Awards were KAZGUU administration, the HSE staff, KAZGUU professors, school partners, alumni and students who have noted a nice evening and congratulated the HSE on the 10th Anniversary.