“Higher School of Economics Alumni Club, M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University”, hereinafter referred to as “Club”, is a voluntary association created on the basis of joint activity of graduates, students, teachers and administration of the HSE (the School). The club carries out its activities in Astana city for an indefinite period of time.
Club Activities are based on the principles of equality of its members, voluntariness, transparency and legality.
Goals and Objectives of the Club:
improving competitiveness and attractiveness of education provided by the HSE;
development and strengthening of traditions, values, norms of corporate culture of the Schools;
comprehensive assistance in the development of HSE as the leader of economic education;
enhancing the role of the School on the national and international scene of education;
providing all possible support to graduates in enhancing their social status and assistance in achieving their success in various professional fields;
involving graduates in decision-making on strategic directions of development of the School and the University;
promoting vocational training and re-training of alumni, students and faculty of the School;
organization of receptions, presentations, press conferences, guest lectures, and reunions of the HSE;
participation in scientific conferences, seminars, competitions held within the HSE;
rendering students in work experience internship, job search, conducting “round tables”, seminars, discussions in order to share experience;
participation in the learning process: delivering lectures, conducting seminars on subjects covered in the specialties curriculum;
assistance in attracting sponsorship.
Members of the club
The graduates of the HSE of M. Narikbayev KAZGUU University who acknowledge the Charter and participate in the activities of the Club may become members of the Club.

Club members have the right to:
participate in the activities of the Club;
receive information about activities involved in the development of core activities, plans and programmes of the Club;
submit proposals for improving the Club to the Club Council;
voluntarily withdraw membership by notifying the Club Council in written form.

Club members are required to:
– comply with the requirements of the Charter;
– participate in the events organized by the Club.

The highest governing body of the Club is the Club Council. The Meeting is convened at least 1 time per year.
The Council consists of a maximum of 15 members, including:
– 4 representatives of the HSE;
– 11 representatives from Alumni.

Representatives of the HSE include:
1. The Director of the Higher School of Economics
2. The head of the Department “Finance, Accounting and Auditing”
3. The head of the Department “Economics, Management and Tourism”
4. The Head of the Department “Social and Psychological Studies”
5. The Head of the Department “Translation Studies”

Representatives of alumni are the bodies who are supportive of the goals and activities of the Club Council.
Additional meetings of the Council may be convened at the discretion of the Chair. One third of the members of the Council shall constitute a quorum.

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Gibrat Botay – 3d year student
Gibrat Botay – 3d year student

Alexander Dawoody – Marywood University Professor
Alexander Dawoody – Marywood University Professor

Сadets of KAZGUU University
Сadets of KAZGUU University

Kazybek Orynkhanov – 3d year student
Kazybek Orynkhanov – 3d year student

Alisher Jexekov – Alumni Club Member
Alisher Jexekov – Alumni Club Member

Erlan Karimov – HSE lecturer
Erlan Karimov – HSE lecturer