Dual Degree Programs

By Nazym Umirzakova

In modern realities, there are no more valuable resources than education and time. Students of the Higher School of Economics were given a profitable opportunity to spend time as efficiently as possible and get a dual education in a four-year period of study thanks to the partnership of KAZGUU with universities, including such higher educational institutions as Excelia Group, SolBridge International Business School, Hof University of Applied Sciences, Heriot -Watt University and Oxford Brookes University. What are the advantages of a double-degree program?

Firstly, this is efficient spending of finances, higher education requires financial resources and time. Having received two diplomas at once, roughly speaking, for the price of one, it is possible to save not only money, but also time, studying for four or five years instead of eight. Secondly, completing a double-degree program will make you a competitive candidate in the labor market and will allow you to find a job much faster, because it is much more attractive to choose for the position of a person who has theoretical knowledge in two areas at once, who is able to use them in critical situations. Thirdly, this is a chance to get an education abroad already at a conscious age, because it often happens that the parents of applicants do not give them the opportunity to move abroad due to fears for their dependence and being not enough mature immediately after completing schooling. Also, it is not uncommon for students to be unable to enroll in foreign universities due to other circumstances, which is why a double-degree program is an excellent opportunity for such students to reach their goal.

The criteria for this are not so complicated: having a certain number of loans at KAZGUU, having a level of English B2 or higher, as well as GPA not lower than 3.0. Admission and choice of a university must correspond to the choice of your specialty, universities provide programs for different majors. For example, Heriot Watt offers only double diploma program for HSE students with major in Accounting and Audit, while Hof offers a double degree for most of the majors available in HSE. HSE students may choose between several universities offering double diploma programs:

Heriot Watt – one of the 8 largest universities in the UK, offers the opportunity to study on all campuses in Dubai, Malaysia and Scotland.

Excelia Group is an AACSB and EPAS accredited university in France and named one of the best business schools in the world. After successfully completing a two-degree program at this university, students will be able to continue their studies on a master’s program with a 10 percent discount.

SolBridge Business School is the youngest AACSB accredited business school. The mentoring program for CEOs was developed by the university specifically to connect students, their further cooperation as successful leaders. The diploma opens access to the labor market of Southeast Asia.

Hof University of Applied Sciences is a German university that focuses on obtaining practical knowledge for its effective use in the field of finance and management. There is an opportunity to study free of charge, paying only living and food expenses.

Oxford Brookes University is the UK’s leading modern university. For admission, applicants must pass the ACCA exam, complete two modules at Oxford Brookes and write a thesis.

For more information on double degree programs, please contact the HSE advisors office (office 235, +7 (7172) 70 30 56)